Visit us in our refurbished microbrewery at the castle of Weesenstein !

There is a brewing tradition at Weesenstein dating back to the early year of 1510
After an almost 150-year long break brewing at Weesenstein was recalled in the
year 1998. Modern technology now allows to create a very traditional beer again.
The beer is served in a cozy atmosphere from wooden kegs
as in the ancient days before.

Enjoy unique beers and experience a true middle age coziness of a brewery
which is unique itself. Also the castle is renowned for its beauty and eventful history.
Of course you can enjoy traditional German food with your beer.

Our business hours:

Tuesday to Friday:           2:00 PM - Midnight

Saturday and Sunday:     11:00 AM - Midnight

In case you want to make reservations please call (035027) 42004.