A coarse map of the roads to Weesenstein

How to get to Weesenstein from the City of Dresden

  • In Dresden just follow the signs pointing to “Pirna”. This will lead you to the state road B 172 in direction East.
  • Stay on this road until you reach “Heidenau”, you will pass the district Prolis (which can be recognized by toll concrete buildings, on the left hand side)
  • In Heidenau the B172 becomes a four-lane expressway and you pass the “Wal-Mart-Center” on the right hand side. Right after this there is a railroad overpass and a traffic light. Turn right at the light on the road S 178.
  • Now you already see signs pointing to the Castle of Weesenstein. Just follow this road along the river “Mueglitz” until you enter Weesenstein. The castle can be seen from the road.